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    Your Vision Into Reality

File Prep Guidelines

In order to help you obtain the best quality CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) signs and murals, we have created the following File Prep Guidelines.  The Fossil Art Department is here to help.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need anything.  We offer art production, design services or can assist you in preparing your files.


File Prep Guidelines


Click on a title below to view the guidelines for each item:


  • Panel files set up individually (one panel per file) at 100 % with page layouts set to final size.
  • RGB color mode preferred.  Blacks set to Rich Black (0/0/0).
  • Critical colors specified as solid coated Pantone.
  • Panels require a .25” bleed on all 4 sides beyond your finished panel size.  This is an extension of your background colors and/or background images required to provide edge to edge printing.
  • Panels require a .5” margin to the inside of your panel on all 4 sides.  This provides  .5” of a safety area between crucial foreground images, text and the cut edge. All artwork closer than .5” to the finished edge is considered non-critical.
  • Panels quoted with NPS frames will require a 1” margin for the viewable area.  Any artwork closer than 1” from the finished edge will be covered by the NPS frame.
  • Panels included in murals have been identified to Fossil
  • Double sided panels have a maximum panel size of 56.5" x 141.75".
  • Fonts fully outlined.
  • Raster images 240 DPI at final output.
  • Color Sample file included in the same format as production files.
  • Paper prints or PDF's provided for layout reference.
  • Vector path for custom cut panels provided on a separate, non-printing layer labeled “Cut Path”.  Use as few anchor points as possible (See Fig. 1).
  • Screen_shot_2014-02-14_at_3.03.24_PM.png
  • Standard corner radius is 1 / 16". Any radius is available. Specify size in inches.
  • Insert and hole placement indicated on a separate, non-printing layer (not required for standard Fossil hardware.)
  • If you are using Fossil Panels as assembly components and have critical cuts or tolerances, make us aware when placing your
    order so that we can achieve your desired results.
  • Fossil does not guarantee the availability of archived files.

Color Samples

Color Samples help ensure that your finished project matches your expectations.  They are manufactured exactly as finished panels, but are only 1/16'' thick.  Depending on the scope of your project, more than one Color Sample may be helpful.

OPTION 1.  You create the Color Sample file, and we produce the sample(s) from it.  We feel this is the best option because you know what images and colors are important to review.  Your file must be 8'' x 10'' and can be either a section of your panel or a collage of elements from one or multiple panels.  Color Sample files must be set up the same way as your original files.  Graphics and text should be kept at 100% of their final size.


OPTION 2.  Fossil can create the Color Sample file for you.  We will use the art files that you have sent us and pick elements that we feel are important and incorporate them into your Color Sample.  The Art Charge is $60.00 per sample.

OPTION 3.  Color Samples may be waived at your discretion.  Should you choose this option, we will send you a Color Waiver form.


  • Maximum panel size: 58.5" x 143.75"
  • Include crop marks to indicate the panel sizes and final mural size
  • Include a .5" inch bleed around mural perimeter
  • Printing tolerance:  Less than (+/-) .0208 per ft. (0.25" -12').  Panel size tolerance:  Less than (+/-) .125 per panel.
  • Panels included in murals must be identified at the time you submit files and Fossil proofs will group them as such.


  • Color Sample: For color matching and resolution.  We recommend including any gradients at 100% of final size on your Color Sample to ensure you are satisfied with the final outcome.
  • PDF Proof: For layout and content only. Not for color matching


  • Preferred: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign.
  • Supported: The following programs may require export procedures - Quark Express, Corel Draw, Freehand, Publisher, Powerpoint and Microsoft Word.

File Submittal


  • Files less than 1GB
  • The FTP link is on our homepage: www.FossilGraphics.com
  • Username: client
  • Password: file
  • Compress files for one upload
  • Include PDF’s for reference
  • Label folder with Fossil quote number (FXXXXX)
  • Notify us of the filename once the file has fully upload


  • Files less than 10mb
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Fossil Industries, Inc.
44 Jefryn Boulevard
Deer Park, NY 11729
Attn: Art Department

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