• Beautiful and Durable

    Beautiful and Durable

Graphic Panels

FOSSIL is the most durable graphic made... guaranteed.

FOSSIL combines the most advanced graphic imaging with the proven durability of High Pressure Laminate. Using extreme heat and pressure, the final product is a permanent fusion of image and HPL that can never delaminate, separate, crack or peel. FOSSIL CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) signs and graphics are impervious to moisture, and are extremely resistant to UV rays, scratching, impact, cigarette burns and graffiti. In fact, they’re so durable we guarantee them for 10 full years. Even in the harshest conditions, the original beauty of your FOSSIL CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) graphic will live on.

FOSSIL CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) is available in panel sizes up to 5’ x 12’ and can be tiled to create seamless murals of unlimited size. Panel thickness ranges from .028” post-forming laminate to 1” solid structural panels. Grades over 1/2” are self-supporting and can be fitted with threaded inserts…perfect for easily attaching to walls, railings and posts without visible hardware.

graphics that survive