• Beautiful and Durable

    Beautiful and Durable

12 Color HD Printing

After years of research and development we have achieved a major breakthrough in printing quality for CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) signs and murals. You've never seen durable graphics like this before. Announcing 12-Color High Definition Printing™. Invented by FOSSIL, 12-Color HD Printing™ creates graphics that are clearly better. This revolutionary new printing process delivers superior clarity, more intense colors, bright whites, solid blacks and a vastly expanded color gamut that cannot be achieved with traditional 8-color printing. It's like comparing HDTV to regular TV. A new era in printing has begun!

12-Color HD Printing™ produces:

  • Razor Sharp Images
  • Vivid colors with bright whites and solid blacks
  • Expanded gamut for easy color matching
  • No banding or streaking
  • Consitent color and registration between mural panels
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