• Beautiful and Durable

    Beautiful and Durable

The Ordering Process


Our Art Department is your support team. We can produce FOSSIL CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) graphics from your digital files or our full-service design team can create the perfect panel designs for you.

File Submittal:
You can email, mail our upload your files to our FTP site depending on the size of your files. For more information see our File Prep Guidelines.

Art Evaluation:
We will evaluate your art and contact you within two days of receiving your files.

Color Samples:
A Color Sample is an 8"x 10" piece of thin CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) laminate used to confirm color and resolution. The sample normally includes multiple sections of the panel at full size. Color Samples are delivered within five business days after receiving artwork.

Layout Proofs:
You will receive pdf layouts by email within two days of the Color Sample approval.


General Description of FOSSIL CHPL:
FOSSIL CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) is digitally printed HPL (high pressure laminate). We manufacturer our panels by layering resin impregnated sheets with a digital print. The top layers are clear and the backing layers black. The assembly is melted under extreme heat and pressure for over an hour. The clear resins are absorbed right into the print. It's then cooled while still under pressure forming a composite graphic panel that is stronger then steel. FOSSIL exterior grade panels also incorporate additional UV and graffiti overlays.

FOSSIL's 12-Color High Definition Printing creates graphics that are clearly better. Invented by FOSSIL, this revolutionary new printing process delivers superior clarity, more intense colors, bright whites, solid blacks and a vastly expanded color gamut that cannot be achieved with traditional 8-color printing. It's like comparing HDTV to regular TV.

Printing Inspection:
Every panel is carefully inspected.

In our state-of-the-art clean room, workers carefully stack multiple layers to produce the final assembly. A 1/2" thick panel has more than 50 layers and is over 1" high before entering the press.

We have 8 presses, each weighing over 50 tons. Our plant is approximately the size of 30 football fields.

Cutting & Finishing:
Panels are precision cut and finished on our industrial, laser guided CNC routers. Invented by FOSSIL, this proprietary technology makes it possible for us to accurately cut any shape that you can draw. Design possibilities include cut-outs within the panel, 3-D layering and “double-sided” panels with graphic images on both sides. Grades over 1/2” thick can be fitted with threaded inserts, making them perfect for easily attaching to walls, railings and posts without visible hardware.


Final Quality Inspection:
Every FOSSIL CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) panel is carefully inspected before shipment.

Packaging & Shipping:
Our unique packaging system insures you order will arrive in perfect condition.

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